Collaborate and communicate using
the tools you are already familiar with.

  • Get your email and documents where and when you want.

    The productivity of your employees is paramount. The more you can equip your staff to do their jobs smarter and faster, the more they can achieve the results you want.

    Many companies rely on email and productivity software. Today, these IT tools can reside in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions can give you a productivity and competitive edge — if you harness them effectively. and tablets.

    Microsoft® Office 365TM lets your business leverage Outlook®, Excel® and other Office® solutions over the Web or locally on your devices. Your employees get their email and documents where and when they need them. There’s no software to manage. Just a simple “software as a service” that ensures you have the latest updates.

    You need a trusted advisor to handle your Office 365 migration, management and support. You can get theat from Tech-Zone.

    Optimize the world’s most popular productivity software.

    At Tech-Zone, you can simply purchase a standard Office 365 subscription. Or, you can optimize Office 365 with our world-class Office 365 Managed Services solution.

    Office 365 Managed Services let you derive all the value you need from the world’s most popular productivity software. So your people can communicate, collaborate and do their jobs more effectively.

    Tech-Zone experts will migrate your email, contacts, calendaring and documents from your existing email, whether it’s Google®, Yahoo® or any other service. We also assist you with a strategy to migrate files to enable improved collaboration and productivity.

    We will support your use of Office 365 on an ongoing basis. Our expert administrative services monitor usage statistics and can tailoring user privileges. What’s more, our world-class Service Desk gives your employees 24x7x365 access to fast and convenient IT support.

    Office 365 Managed Services tailored for your needs

    Office 365 subscriptions.

    Email migration and data synchronization.

    User management.

    24x7 Service Desk support

    Email and data-usage reports.

    Mobile device support.


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