Expert IT repair and preventive maintenance
in a convenient subscription service.

  • Your business relies on technology.

    From PCs and laptops to the latest mobile devices — productivity software to rapid, secure access to your company data. Every day, you rely on technology for your business success.

    But what happens when technology doesn’t work the way you want it to? When laptops malfunction or mobile devices don’t connect? When software doesn’t perform as expected or workers can’t get to the documents they need? That’s when you require fast, reliable access to professional IT services.

    That’s when you need Tech-Zone Pro Services — expert preventive maintenance and IT repair services delivered by experienced, certified Tech-Zone technicians.

    Tech-Zone Pro Services deliver the support you need.

    Tech-Zone Pro Services are available for an economical subscription fee of only $99 per month.
    Your subscription covers:
    • An annual technology consultation.
    • Preventive maintenance services.
    • A 30-minute technician visit at your business location every two weeks.
    • Responsive repair visits when needed to restore service and get you back up and running at reasonable rates.
    Tech-Zone Pro Services also come with:
    • 10 percent off in-store Tech-Zone services.
    • Exclusive events and promotions.
    • Discounted members-only rates for:
      • Scheduled onsite IT services.
      • Emergency IT services.
      • Device upgrades.
      • Equipment install, move, add and change (IMAC) services.
      • Secure remote troubleshooting for PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
      • CareGuard® Technical Support.

    Available Nationwide.
    For only $99/mo — Tech-Zone Pro offers unmatched support benefits:

    Preventive maintenance to avoid unexpected problems.

    Discounted, predictable pricing for more complex repairs.

    Services that cover the hardware, software and mobile devices your employees are already using.

    The right IT services for your unique needs.

    Rapid, accurate IT problem resolution to keep your business running at full speed.

    Ability to forget about technology problems and focus on business success.


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