Every minute your retail system is offline,
you’re losing money.

  • If the power goes out or your internet connection fails — can you still service customers?

    No matter what kind of store you operate, sales transactions are where your business actually happens. As a result, you need to be sure your retail systems remain connected to the Internet — so you can make sales and drive revenues.

    When a power outage or telecom interruption knocks out your Internet connectivity, your business comes to a halt. You can’t make sales. You can’t track inventory. Every minute your systems remain offline, you’re losing money, information, time and customers — the very elements essential to your success.

    Connectivity Backup provides peace of mind for you and your business. The lights might go out, the phone system might go down, but your network connection won’t. With an effective backup in place, your business-critical Internet connection continues to operate the way you need it to. And so does your business.

    Let Tech-Zone show you how affordable reliable, business continuity can be.

    Tech-Zone is your source for proven, reliable Connectivity Backup. Our Connectivity Backup solution combines the devices, connections and services you need to keep your retail systems up and running.

    This uniquely effective package includes:
    • APC® Smart-UPS™ 1000VA/1500VA uninterruptible power supply
    • Fortinet™ FortiGate/FortiWiFi™ 60D-series security appliance
    • Fortinet FortiExtender 20B 3G/4G wireless WAN extender
    • Netgear® Sierra modem
    • AT&T® mobile plan
    • Expert onsite installation and configuration
    In the event of an outage, Connectivity Backup automatically takes action. The solution instantly delivers backup power to your network equipment. It immediately reroutes phone and Internet connectivity to wireless backup equipment. And it reliably ensures that you can continue to process transactions.

    Reliable connectivity backup for your retail systems

    Complete fail-safe solution.

    Unique package of hardware, connectivity and services.

    Onsite installation and configuration.

    Seamless business continuity.

    Easy equipment maintenance.

    Expert optional support services.


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