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  • Your business relys on email and calendaring tools everyday.

    You rely on technology to run your business. From productivity software to email calendaring and collaboration tools, every day, your IT tools are integral to your business success.

    Gone are the days when you have to manage all of the individual software packages and applications your business runs on. Today, IT tools can reside in the cloud where their ready accessibility can give you a productivity and competitive edge — if you harness them securely and effectively.

    The world-class cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services™ provide a secure cloud platform that includes virtual desktops, email and calendaring, and collaboration tools. These capabilities can help your business grow quickly and reliably — without the need for expensive IT infrastructure.

    With the Small Office Bundle from Tech-Zone, you can assemble all the building blocks of cloud-based IT — virtual desktops, email and calendaring, and collaboration tools in one easy-to-consume package.

    The simple and cost-effective path to Cloud services.

    That’s the advantage of Small Office Cloud Bundle from Tech-Zone. Small Office Cloud Bundle offers an impressive combination of Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkMail and Amazon WorkDocs cloud offerings.
    The combined solution consolidates virtual desktops, email and calendaring, and collaboration tools into a single, cost-effective package that’s easy to manage and easy to use.

    Virtual desktops — Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud-based desktop computing service that enables your workers to access all the applications and documents they need on popular devices from Microsoft®, Apple®, Google®, Amazon and more.

    Email and calendaring —Amazon WorkMail provides cloud-based, enterprise-class email and calendaring with out the need for procuring hardware or managing your own email server.

    Collaboration tools — Amazon WorkDocs offers an easy, secure way for your employees to collaborate and innovate and share files.


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