There is more to business printing
than toner, ink and paper.

  • Printers are the last thing on you mind — until they are broken or out of ink.

    Printers are mission-critical to your business operations. Your people use printers every day to get their jobs done. When printers work smoothly, you don’t even think about them. But when they run poorly, they cost you time, money — and business.

    Many companies depend on their printers. Yet few have the time to think strategically about maximizing printer performance to lower costs, improve efficiencies and make their business run better.

    Print management is all about optimizing printer procurement, configuration, maintenance and performance. To begin, you have to ask yourself:
    • Do you have the printers you need, when and where you need them.
    • Do your printers work at the right performance level and at the right price point.
    • Do you get preventive maintenance and automatic toner replenishment.

    To optimize and manage your business printing, you need a strategy that addresses the entire lifecycle of print function — you need Managed Print Services from the Tech-Zone.

    A total solution from design and installation to ongoing support and consumables management.

    Tech-Zone is your single point of access to world-class Managed Print Services — from existing printer assessments to new printer purchases, from installation and training to ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

    Our Managed Print Services cover the entire lifecycle of print management.

    Print solution design — We work with you to define the print solution that meets your unique needs, based on print volume, color and graphics needs, budget and more.

    Printer installation — We configure and deploy your new print solution and securely dispose of old equipment. We also train your employees on how to take advantage of your new print capabilities.

    Ongoing 24/7 support — We remotely monitor your printers and deploy onsite preventive maintenance to keep them running at peak performance. We can even set up automatic toner replenishment.

    Additionally in accordance with your business needs, we also offer optional services such as cloud-based printing, mobile device support and expert printer security audits.

    Managed Print Services to fit your business


    Existing printer assessments

    New printer evaluations

    Lease/purchase options

    Installation and training

    Printer optimization

    Security reviews

    Monitoring and maintenance

    Automatic toner replenishment


    For more information download our quick reference sheet

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